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  • Emplacement : Tunisie
  • Surface : 1300m²
  • Année : 2023-2026
  • Statut : Etudes

Black. Everything is dark in a world that seems asleep. But something stirs, something indomitable, powerful. Nature itself awakens, exploding with colours and life, as if it wants to convey something, to show something unique and grandiose. Suddenly, the sun rises on the horizon, illuminating a majestic mountain and a sparkling sea with its golden rays. And in the midst of this sublime scene, a strange structure rises towards the sky, defying the laws of gravity. Is it a work of art, perhaps? Or something even more mystical? Our senses are aroused, and we are invited to contemplation, reflection, and emotion. Our curiosity is piqued, our minds in turmoil. What is this thing? What does it hide?

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